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TellMe (Comprendo) for CallMiner user community,

Enterprise Software Products 

Light Communications, Inc.  delivers open-architecture solutions that enable corporate enterprises to integrate VOIP and video communication systems with data management infrastructure for maximum business advantage. Our products allow businesses to combine the personal value of human interaction with the information value of the legacy data storage and instant accessibility to the Internet. 

 Light Communications' products provide a rich environment for driving increased sales, exceptional service and 100% customer satisfaction for our customers.

End-to-end Multi-Media Contact Center Software

Offered as a turn-key solution or a la carte - module by module. 

IVR, ACD, Reporting, WFM, Recording, etc ...


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A cutting edge Speech and Inte​raction Analytics for Multi-Media Contact Centers

This is a cloud-based subscription service offering with the quickest Return on Investment ( ROI ) in the industry.

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Free-speech Artificial intelligence ( AI ) software 

This proprietary software offers a variety of customizable voice interaction scenarios between a human being and an intelligent robot, with pre-configured solutions for multiple vertical industries.

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Light Communications ’  LightSuite™  is the Company’s registered trademarked solution for voice and data convergence with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

LightSuite has components for downloadable internet based computer software that enables AI multimedia communications over the internet and on-premises.

LightSuite also allows providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable internet based computer software that enables AI multimedia communications over the internet and on-premises.

The latest release of  LightSuite™  adds new flexible AI engines and ability to inter-connect multi-vendor software applications into a unified business solution.

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The Ultimate Speech Analytics!

 TellMe (Comprendo) software enables all LightComm's new and legacy customers to accurately pinpoint, distinguish and tag the actual spoken language between the callers and contact center agents for the duration of each conversation and business transaction.

With LightComm's TellMe (Comprendo) software the daily recording volumes are pre-processed and  individually marked with a tag for the actual spoken language.

For example, if a recording was from an English-language queue, but most of the conversation between the caller and the contact center agent was actually conducted in Spanish language - TellMe (Comprendo) software marks such a recording as "Actual Spanish".

Alternatively, if a recording from a Spanish-language queue was conducted in most part in actual spoken English language - then this recording is marked by TellMe (Comprendo) software as "Actual English".

             The LightComm's TellMe (Comprendo) software has been well-received and highly praised at the CallMiner's "Listen 2016" User Conference in Clearwater, Florida in November 2016 .

The praise for TellMe (Comprendo) software's accuracy, importance, business value and return on investment has been acknowledged by both, the CallMiner's Eureka power users and the CallMiner's Product Development and Sales teams.